Original Jewels of St. Patrick's Lodge

Depicted in the graphic above are the original jewels of St. Patrick's Lodge No. 4, which have always been, and to this day, are worn by the Master, Senior Warden and Junior Warden of this Lodge.  Created by a silversmith in London, they were made from sterling silver and have the year 1766 engraved on each one.

As an interesting sidelight, when Sir John Johnson fled to Canada, he took with him the Lodge's Charter and jewels.  Eventually all but the Junior Warden's jewel were returned to the Lodge; and that, too, finally made its way back home.  It had been in the possession of a family in the Palatine Bridge area, and was returned around 1935, when the last living male member of that family passed away.  As a result, St. Patrick's Lodge No. 4 is one of very few Lodges known to possess it's original Charter and it's original jewels, which are used to this day by current officers of the Lodge.

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